5.5 Richter Scale Earthquake in Pakistan

It has been reported that around 3 am PST a strong earthquake measuring around 5.5 on the richter scale rocked the Eastern parts of Pakistan. Lahore, Islamabad, Abbottabad, and Sialkot have been reported as most deeply affected by the earthquake.

Many people were seen fleeing their homes and apartment buildings in fear of the tremors. After the 2005 earthquake, anything close to a shake instills a deep fear in Pakistanis. The 2005 earthquake in the Kashmir region of Pakistan was responsible for widespread damage, and the complete obliteration of the cities of Bagh and Muzzaffarabad. It also caused the collapse of two 12-story towers in Islamabad. Earthquakes in Pakistan are generally known to be pretty mild, but sometimes they become fearsome, claiming thousands of lives.

No immediate reports of damage have surfaced yet.

Watch this space for more updates.

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