Energy Crisis of Pakistan


1. Introduction
2. A true problem or a conspiracy?
3. Blunders of our leaders
4. Possible solutions
5. Conclusion

The energy crisis in Pakistan has reached its climax. It isn’t possible to implement power outages beyond the twenty-four hours a day they’re doing. In a way, Pakistan has reached its culmination in social disgrace, and for that we have partly ourselves, and mostly our leaders to blame. With the atrocious power outages, it has become impossible for people to concentrate on their studies. Students are suffering, elderly people are suffering, but most of all, entrepreneurs and their businesses are suffering.

So many power outages does lead one to assume whether this is an entirely genuine problem or does some sort of elaborate ploy lie beneath this? Are the leaders treating the people of Pakistan to the worst possible circumstances only to announce some generous cuts in the loadshedding? It may be a trick of the mind, but sweaty conditions, and the oppressive heat does bring out the worst in people.

Our leaders are definitely to blame for this crisis. If they had had the foresight to build dams or find an alternate means for providing electricity to the people, this wouldn’t be happening. One of the major woes of Pakistan is that it is always inflicted with leaders who give their own goals precedence over what is good for Pakistan over all. That is something for which Pakistan has suffered long and hard, and still continues to do so.

Possible solutions for this problem include building dams for the future, but as of now, the government should look to its rich neighbors – Iran and China- to provide some sort of relief from this ominous problem hanging over our heads like a sword.

It is imperative that something should be done to relieve the people of Pakistan from these woeful conditions. The economy has taken a great hit because of this energy crisis, and unemployment in rampant. My suggestion would be that the leaders rise from their flowery seats and air-conditioned rooms to smell the coffee. It is time.

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