Five Reasons why you should read Borderliners by Kirsten Arcadio

What is the essence of a dream? Can dreams sometimes hide elements of reality in them?

Speculative fiction is a term we give to the kind of fiction that tests our way of thinking, and essentially, our innate beliefs. Falsely trumpeted as a genre for a niche audience, speculative fiction actually attracts a diverse range of readers. Since most readers are constantly on the lookout for novels that weave aspects of speculation into a tight thrilling plot, Borderliners is immediately worth a read. Very few books, if any, manage to attain this feat, and that’s all the more reason to give them a try.

Kirsten Arcadio’s debut novel ‘Borderliners’ is a thriller set in a small town in England where everything is not as it seems. It follows the story of psychiatrist Elena, the protagonist. Rooted in the page-turning plot are ideas and subplots that will catch the reader unawares, like the sort of nail-biting scenes we all look forward to reading. In Borderliners, Arcadio manages to accomplish what many seasoned writers haven’t been able to: mixing elements of occult and supernatural into a fast-paced narrative that takes the reader on a gripping ride.

Here are my five big reasons why readers should NOT miss Borderliners:

1. Genre fiction fans (thrillers and speculative) will lap it up. Arcadio will manage to take you on a delightful journey with constant twists, and mind-boggling suspense that will leave you gasping for more.

2. It’s a trilogy! The good thing about Borderliners is that you won’t need to go through the trauma that comes after finishing a really good book, the lull a person falls in when he cant quite erase the brilliance of the book he’s just read, and can’t really contemplate reading anything else, obviously expecting nothing to be able to trump the novel he’s just read. Well, Borderliners is followed by not one, but two more books, so you can safely engross yourself into the world Arcadio’s created without the fear of losing touch with it too soon.

3. Arcadio has a very firm grip on her writing, the delicate balance she maintains between the thrills and scientific elements will satiate all kinds of readers. Arcadio’s power of description parallels none. Once you enter the world of Borderliners, it is difficult to escape from the striking intricacies, and very hard not to appreciate the careful detail applied into every chapter – every sentence really!

4. This may be Kirsten Arcadio’s debut novel, but she has been writing for many years. Having taken the prestigious Faber Academy Novel Writing Course as well as several other workshops, her style of writing has been well-liked and praised by her peers and instructors.

5. In addition to the reasons above, one very simple reason to read Borderliners is to promote new talent as well as the fact that Arcadio has gone to great lengths to make her novel available on all avenues. With Borderliners being available as an ebook in various countries through (USA, UK, India, Europe), it will also be available in print on demand. Arcadio has chosen this option specifically for those who prefer print books. So, in a way, it’s important that you read it now, and get a chance to enter the discussion about it early before the deluge of fans take to spoiling the plot of Borderliners on various internet platforms.

So, get your copy of Borderliners (print or ebook), and read it today. Highly Recommended! (Five Stars)

This preview for Borderliners by Kirsten Arcadio has been written by Awais Khan, a writer working on his debut novel as well as a seasoned reader who has read widely. 

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